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tapgo adesivo porta anteriore

The new contactless payment system allows passengers to pay their fare at metro gates and on board blue-yellow buses.

Payment cards will open turnstiles and validate tickets on board. The System accepts all contactless cards issued on the Visa, Mastercard and American Express networks: Mastercard/Maestro, Visa/VPay and Amex credit, prepaid and debit cards. Contactless payments are also available for cards linked to a digital wallet on your smartphone or smartwatch.

Routes 6, 8, 11, 12, 17/, 19, 19N, 33, 35, 38, 44, 55, 56, 58, 58/, 61, 63/, 64, 68, 71, 74, 84, CP1, OB1, SE1, SE2, SM2 are generally operated with buses equipped with new-generation validators with contactless payment capability.

The contacless payment system is also available on the historic tram route 7 and on every yellow-blue bus in service, which is identifiable by this yellow sign stuck on the front door.

Purchasing a ticket with credit card is simple and intuitive: the card must be held on the validator until a beeping sound is emitted, as happens for bip cards and chip on paper tickets. The system recognizes the card as an ordinary ticket and, in metro stations, opens turnstiles. In every metro station, and in both directions, a turnstile is reserved for contactless payments: it is equipped with a specific reader, which is easily identifiable by the card network logo and by the sign stuck on the floor and on the glass barriers of the turnstiles

Actually, a ticket being purchased with a payment card at metro stations or on board the vehicles fitted with the specific reader, is equivalent to an ordinary “City 100” ticket: the fare is €1,70, it is valid for 100 minutes on the whole urban network, and within the validity period passengers are allowed to board connecting services. The fare is directly charged to the account the payment card is linked to. At the moment, it is possible to purchase one ticket at a time.

The fare is directly charged to the account the payment card is linked to; it is possible to check the details of the journey made on

Besides credit cards, the system also accepts debit cards issued on the Maestro network: in this case,as happens for other purchases (e.g. self-service fuel the system has set a [temporary] pre-authorisation hold of 7,00 € per journey. Once the pre-authorization period has expired, the customer will be charged only the price of the “City 100”ordinary ticket.

Ticket inspectors check tickets respecting the privacy: passengers are required to provide only the last 4 digits of the number of the card they have used, in order to make the inspectors verify the payment with the device the staff is equipped with.


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