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grafo metro bengasiThe new metro section connecting Lingotto station to Piazza Bengasi and therefore the west with the south outskirts of the city, on the boundary with the municipality of Moncalieri, was inaugurated and opened to the public on 23rd April.

Two brand new stations: “Italia ‘61”, located in via Nizza at the Piedmont Region Headquarters, and “Bengasi” terminus, located in the centre of the homonym square.
Since the metro system is a key feature in the context of urban mobility, this inauguration is even more significant: it is estimated that this about 2-km-long section will lead to increase by 6 million passengers a year (+12,5%), and the number of vehicles moving on street will be reduced by 10.000.

This estimate was made in pre-pandemic times, relating to the important catchment area of Moncalieri (55.000 citizens), but it is still valid,including with a view of post-pandemic recover of economic activities.

The section (whose construction required an overall investment of € 193.000.000) leads the metro to a total length of 15.1 km, and allows passengers to cover the distance between piazza Bengasi and Collegno in 25 minutes.

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