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Travel documents

All passengers must board public transport with a valid travel document; passengers must not dispose of the document during the trip and show it to GTT inspectors upon request. The travel document must not be defaced in any way.

The travel document must be validated before the first stop on the first vehicle used (see ordinary city ticket - € 1,70). In case of failure or incorrect punching passengers must inform the driver. All passengers holding a valid travel document are entitled to be accompanied, free of charge, by children less than 11 years old.

At all times, passengers must observe the terms and conditions of use detailed on the ticket.

Use of vehicles

Passengers must board and alight from the vehicles only at the stops using the appropriate entrance and exit doors. Passengers must not get on or off when the vehicle is moving. Passengers must leave the doorways, gangways and areas in front of the punching machines free at all times and observe the regulations displayed in the vehicles.

Passengers are allowed to speak to the driver only to request service information or in case of difficulty (for instance, sudden illness, mugging, harassment or malfunctioning).

Transporting luggage

All 80x50x50 cm pieces of luggage can be transported free of charge; each passenger may take a maximum of two pieces of luggage but must ensure these do not obstruct the passageway.

Lost and found

The driver and GTT personnel are not allowed to return objects found on the vehicles directly. Lost articles found on GTT vehicles are taken to the Lost and Found of the City of Turin, where they can be collected after 48 hours from the time of loss.

The lost and found office in via Meucci 4. Open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon. Closed on only Sundays and public holidays.
Information: +39 011 443.0753

Infringements and sanctions

Infringements to regulations are subject to the payment of a fine. Fines may be applied independent of criminal sanctions (applicable when the offence constitutes a crime) in addition to compensation for any damages suffered by GTT.


Lines and timetables for the urban routes or the suburban routes

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