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foto gruppoThe GTT local transport company employs 4,450 personnel and transports 190 million passengers every year.

The group manages the following public transport networks:

  • The Turin urban and suburban networks (1 metro, 8 tram lines and 83 bus lines operating 200 km of tramline network and 1,200 km of bus network).
  • The out-of-town bus network (80 bus lines operating 3,600 km).
  • The rail network (2 lines in concession covering 79 km and 1 line managed on behalf of the Italian Railway company, Trenitalia, covering 36 km). The Sfm A Turin – Caselle Airport – Ceres GTT line links the city with the international airport of Caselle; there are two junction stations in Turin itself, Dora and Madonna di Campagna, connecting with other means of public transport. The Dora - Caselle Airport route takes 19 minutes.

The local public transport service provides urban and suburban transport services in Turin and in other 26 neighbouring towns. The system is used by 200 million passengers a year, with 44.26 million km operated each year by 1,215 buses and 240 trams.

The out-of-town bus service is used by 13,5 millions passengers a year and includes 320 buses connecting to 220 towns and operating 11.3 million km each year in the provinces of Turin and Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo to the south. The train service (SfmA and Sfm1 train line) stops in 33 towns in the province of Turin, carries 5 million passengers/year and operates 38 carriages for a total of 1.25 million km annually.

GTT also operates the “blue line” parking spaces (48,168 parking slots), closed and covered car parks for an overall total of 5.237 parking slots.

In addition, the company manages a number of tourist services including the Sassi-Superga rack tramway, the Mole Antonelliana panoramic lift and the boat service along the River Po.


Lines and timetables for the urban routes or the suburban routes

Gruppo Torinese Trasporti S.p.A Turati 19/6, 10128 Torino - tel. 011.57.641 e-mail:
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Info sul sito: Sistemi Informativi e Telecomunicazioni GTT- Redazione Web, via Manin 17, 10153 Torino

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